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Kay Garnay for Nepal (KGN) was founded to help the local people of Changunarayan Village who have been adversely affected by the earthquakes. It is working to uplift the economy and alleviating the poverty of local people. The organization has been lending a hand in several different sectors from warm clothing drives to building shelters. Its top priority being to return Changunarayan Village into the magnificent tourist site, for both domestic and foreign tourists alike, that it has the potential to be. It focuses on humanitarian aid and providing jobs and job training to local people, especially women, who live below the poverty line. It is intending to develop the skills of local people of Changunarayan Village through a training center that will provide vocational skills training such as high quality carpet weaving.

Long term goals include expanding to knitted woolen hats, socks and gloves, cooking, organic farming, animal husbandry, etc. It will also assist in promoting and selling the products. Profits from selling products will be used for the sustainability of the training center, i.e. to start new classes and support the operations of management and administration expenses, and planning new programs for the welfare of local people and rural people of devastated areas.

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Women’s Initiative Project

We are proud to announce that we are seeking funding for a ‘women’s carpet initiative’ here in Changunarayan. We hope to first support the women who have been through so much in the past year, and secondly to support the economy of the community and starting a carpet learning center.

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IT School

We recently started a small computer class for the villagers. Actually, we have about 5 young teens who come from disadvantaged families. These boys struggle with school attendance due to either having to work to support their families or lack of money for exam fees, uniforms and bus fare.

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Village Restoration

Changunarayan is one of the villages that were highly impacted by the earthquakes. According to the Changu municipality, 4,170 homes are totally destroyed and 1,030 homes are substantially damaged leaving only 591 homes intact in the village and surrounding area. Many people are left homeless.

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Making a difference, a community at a time !