Author: Amanda Summers

Family Volunteer

Our Volunteer Family We’ve had a busy week at Kay Garnay for Nepal and Star View Guest House. We even had to shift people around and even had to refer guests to friends in the village with home-stay accommodations. It’s great to see tourists coming and going and supporting Nepal‘s economy. Particularly after a disaster, the people Read More …

Changunarayan Art Festival

A group of artists from all over the Asia came to Changunarayan last week to do a performance. The artists came from Japan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal. About a month before, Kay Garnay in conjunction with Star View Guest House, sponsored an art workshop for the children of Changurayan. The children were quite creative and made Read More …

Gathe Mangal- The Metal Day

Are you the kind of person who likes superstition? Can you walk under a ladder or cross the path of a black cat? If this describes you, you’ll enjoy this festival. Parents swing their children through the fire as the effigy burns to release. Click here to read more

Reasons to Hire a Trekking Guide

Many young people come to Nepal and assume getting a trekking guide is optional. “Many trekking routes are so busy you’ll feel like it’s a walker’s highway, no way to get lost,” or so tourists post on message boards. Although this is often true, it’s equally true that all mountains have risks and all cultures Read More …

Police Department

We always hear about police in developing countries and how bad they are for corruption and such. Being an expat here in Nepal I had been curious about the police and have been pleased with most encounters that I’ve had with the police here in Nepal. Read this blog