Why not hire us? outsourcing while helping
a developing nation recently devastated by earthquakes

It is often difficult to take advantage of outsourcing to Asia because of the sweat shops and exploitation, like we are doing harm at home while not really helping the people in other countries who live below the poverty level.

Nepal has an educated young generation who are without work. Many even have Master’s degrees in computer science. Because of the recent earthquakes and subsequent fuel embargo imposed by India, you can outsource with a clean conscious because the entire country is suffering. We need work and we are just as dedicated as the best in the West.

Our crew of young, educated website developers holds the opportunity to have a professional website created for you and even managed monthly for a fraction of the cost that you’d expect to pay.

We offer full, upfront pricing, 100% satisfaction guarantee and the absolute best price imaginable. If you find anyone beating our prices let us know and we’ll match their offer and beat it by an additional 10%.

Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Limited one month startup offer !
If tech support or additional features are needed please email us with the
a good time to call you. We provide a free phone call anywhere in the world
for our clients. Our price for either service is $5 for 1st hour and each
hour thereafter. Included in this price is further web development that you
require: Logo Design, Ecommerce Integration, banner designs etc.

For any queries contact us at tech@kaygarnay.org

Starter Package [$250]

  • Free Wireframing layout
  • Contact Us form with anti-spam technology
  • Unlimited Customizable pages with your text and photos
  • Social Media Integration
  • Free domain and web-hosting with 10 GB / year $29.95 from 2nd year, a $100 value
  • 5 email addresses (additional $2 each)
  • Free tech support until site completion, we provide free worldwide calling
  • 1 round of free edit
  • 1 round of free edit
  • 1 round of free edit
  • 1 round of free edit

Premium Package [$350]

  • Free Wireframing layout for the website
  • Unique Design Concept
  • Contact Us form with anti-spam technology
  • Free domain and web-hosting
  • 10 email address
  • Customizable page with your text and photos
  • Social Media Integration
  • After Development Support
  • 2 round of Free edit
  • Free Logo design
  • Business analysis for best approach

Some of our work portfolio